Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.
– Julia Cameron, Author

The ABC’s of ACTING:


You must be able to act without self-consciousness. Therefore an actor must adopt a sense of comfort on stage. This is a very important tool, without which, I believe, there can be no “genuine” performance.


An actor’s Belief is of great importance. Not a religious belief, as one might practice in life, but a faith in what is essential to the character. When an actor becomes certain of WHO they are as the character, what follows is the “natural”, inevitable progression of that character.


Strengthening the actor’s creative muscles, through observation and imagination, using actions and images, to ignite the desired emotions of the character.

At issue here is developing several  inherent qualities the actor will need in his craft. This is merely an introduction to what will be explored in greater detail through exercise and discussion.

The work we do together will resonate in you and provide the tools to carry you throughout your adventures in the wondrous world of acting.