Dreams are the Touchstones of our Character.
– Thoreau


Her invaluable experience and sheer joy in teaching is reflected in the comments of some her students and associates:

"I knew the first time I viewed your website that there was something very special and nurturing about you and everything I have experienced with you since, continues to affirm my first impression. Even in the short time I worked with you I felt such a difference in how I viewed and approached the entire process, knowing I was just exploring the tip of the process. That is why I referred Michael to you. I felt confident that he too would see and feel the possibilities with you at the helm of our development. You truly are a soothing voice amidst a sometimes chaotic world!!”

“To all that cross this path—take advantage! Paula J Riley has been a great force in my auditions and performances. She directed me in both theatre and cabaret for which I received critical acclaim. She has given me tools, and moreover made me aware of the “business” of theatre. Her insight into the art and individual is a gift worth giving yourself.”

“On a recent visit to New York from London I was looking to take some acting classes. After email contact with various coaches, Paula fitted the criteria; honest, professional, experienced and reasonably priced! My expectations were far exceeded; it was clear from the beginning that Paula was not only a very skilled and intuitive acting teacher, but someone that cares deeply about nurturing each individual. Paula is interested in a long-term investment with the actor. This is something that was new to me and very welcome, as there isn’t such an emphasis on the individual in the UK. My only regret is not being able to stay longer in NYC for more sessions with Paula—they were truly inspiring, helping to cement a self-belief that I am in the right profession with a renewed focus and direction. I very much look forward to working with her again.”

“I have always adored Paula as an actress for her creativity and courage, and was delighted to see that she brings that same energy to the stage, as a director.”

“During the fast paced pilot season, Paula really helped me find a way to connect to the material that was thrown at me at a moments notice. In addition, Paula’s improv experience is invaluable.”

“Paula just gives you the confidence to believe in your craft and most importantly yourself. She teaches with patience, love and a graceful passion. I met Paula at Actors Fest two years ago and knew right away that she was the one. I was fortunate enough to have made one of the best decisions of my life.”