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An actor must proceed, not by a multitude of details, but by those important units which, like signals, mark his channel and keep him in the right creative line. – An Actor Prepares By Constantine Stanislavski

By way of introduction to how I will assist you on your journey in your career as an actor, as both a teacher and mentor, my edict is as follows:

My aim is to help the “actor” achieve the greatest possibility for the existence of nuance, through the profound understanding of character development and its inevitable progression. And to assist the “person” to achieve their highest life goals.

PPA (Primary Principles of Acting), a process I developed, engages the actor through private coaching and class work. I use improvisation and visualization as main tools. It is my goal that the actor become cognizant of those elements, which lay below our everyday awareness and utilize them in a responsible and conscious manner, awakening the true nature of the character.

The ultimate objective is to have the actor create and embrace the character’s “sense of truth.”